KM's Reddit story

(Note: This was originally posted on Gawker's "Crosstalk" forum, but it soon got deleted by the moderator. Many people were upset that I had brought this issue up.)

KillerMartinis wrote a story on Reddit back in November, 2012. (A year ago, tomorrow.) She says she was the manager at a fast-food restaurant in her college town (Cedar City?), and a student began complaining about chicken strips, so KillerMartinis calls up a physics professor from the local college (SUU?), and the physics professor lays a smackdown on this student.

But then...KillerMartinis mentions that she used to date this Physics professor. In fact, she says she dated several friends in the area. But we know KillerMartinis has been married to Mr. Martinis since 2007.


So...Is it wrong to ask what the deal is with this Reddit story?

Did she date the professor before 2007? From reading the recent news stories, I don't get the impression that she lived in Cedar City for a significant amount of time between 1999 and 2011.

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